GUANGDONG PRETTY LADY WEDDING DRESS CO., LTD. is founded in 2004 by Zhan Jianpeng (James) , enjoys high reputation in the domestic wedding ,evening dress culture.


    A symbol of Pretty Lady is reminiscent of female slender, soft posture, showing the curve of feminine beauty, combined with oriental culture and Western characteristics, mapping out the brand culture of Pretty Lady with traditional concept of national craft and international Fashion design concept of the perfect combination ,intent to showing gorgeous and elegant of every wedding and evening dress in the show on top of the feast.


    Pretty Lady wedding and evening dress win on elegant and beauty  style, use of high-grade fabrics, exquisite hand embroidery and handmade beaded, full of elegant brisk dreamy colors, so that the women will floating in the walk between the flow ,interpret elegant and prefect of Pretty Lady wedding and evening dress. Meanwhile,use of folds, pearl sequins, crystals and flashing drill to outline the elegant evening dress, glistening like stars, to bring everyone the amazing moments and let the woman dressed in Pretty Lady wedding and evening dress become elegant and beautiful fairy.