First, Principle of Having Both Ability And Virtue
According to the requirement of comprehensive measurement and having both ability and virtue, we select and employ talents, insisting that people with integrity and no ability is mediocre person; People with ability and no virtue is the villain; Ability and virtue can’t be neglected.

Second, "Effect Theory" Principle
In talent selection, we don’t pay attention to educational background but the ability and don’t emphasize diploma but ability. Whatever the identity is; whatever educational background is; whatever age is; if you do better than others with outstanding achievement, you will be charged with important missions.

Third, Survival of the Fittest Principle 
In talent selection, we realize the transformation from "Bole Chooses Horses" to " Stadium Chooses Horses". The one who does the best will be charged with an important missions as a talent. Otherwise, he will be eliminated.

Fourth, "Everyone is Talent" Principle
In talent selection, we eliminate mode and mystery, varies from person to person and employ people according to their talents. As long as he plays the maximum talent at the suitable position, he is a talent in certain significance.